What Kind of Torso Are You? It Changes EVERYTHING

Find out what kind of torso you have and how it fits into your vertical body proportions. It matters more than you know!


We’re all familiar with the “what type of body shape are you?” articles that classify body shapes into hourglass, rectangle, apple, pear, etc. Your torso is the second layer to that. You can have a pear body shape and a short torso or a pear body shape and a long torso. Your torso type refers to the proportions of your torso within your body vertically – not just how your shoulders and hips are positioned. That means your legs are part of it, and your neck is part of it too. (Yes, we talk about how to measure your neck too – see 4:52)

The more you understand about how your body is structured, the more comfortable you’ll feel in it!

I hope you found this video helpful. Let me know what you think in the comments! (Remember to build each other up!)



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5 Best Dresses for Short Torso Body Shape *super flattering!*: https://youtu.be/HmR3EtfI6oY

7 Loungewear Styling Secrets for Short Torso Body Shape (EASY + HELPFUL!): https://youtu.be/oZ-qTq3lIRo

Most Flattering Swimsuits for Short Torso Body Shape (I wish I’d known these sooner!): https://youtu.be/BwrNJvy3UMc

9 Easy Tips for Wearing Biker Shorts Using What You Already Own (especially with a short torso!): https://youtu.be/dexrzlwWy00

7 Casual Summer Outfits for Short Torso Body Shape [PLUS! My Secret to Wearing Shorts]: https://youtu.be/JezdikP6VZY



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