Waist training for beginners (based on my experience) #waisttraining #waistcincher

If you want to see a review About (fajas, Compression garments and/or shapewear) **WHICH I MENTIONED BUT DID NOT COVER IN THIS VIDEO** This is a Great Review https://youtu.be/9eXw8AGFjRU

A brief moment of corset training history https://youtu.be/0QlElv-Ov6Q

frequently asked questions

*Where do I get my waist trainers from*

WAIST TRAINING CINCHER https://www.angelcurves.com/products/extreme-waist-trainer-3-hook-black?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=5523731459&gclid=Cj0KCQiAnNXiBRCoARIsAJe_1cqiRT7MHm5aPXixF4zMPr_9TPrU9y94LxWhv0dYk_6QLc7qdNfS6KwaAna6EALw_wcB

Waist Training Vest-Black

* For sizing: follow their size chart, for accurate sizing, Measure your waist right above your Navel. If you are between two sizes, it is reccomended to choose one size larger. Keep in mind that waist trainers usually run small.

* Current waist trainer size I’m wearing is X-Large

*My Current Measurements*
BUST 44″
WAIST 35″ (with trainer)
WAIST 37″ (without waist trainer)
HIPS 49″

Height 5′ 4″

*My Current Weight Is*
215 lbs
*My Highest Weight Was*
306 lbs
(current overall weightloss is 91 pounds)

*My Current Goals Are*
to waist train down to a 26-28″ waist
lose 50 pounds by the end of April 2019 (currently down 10 lbs from 50 lbs)
transition into Breatharianism
create a healthy relationship with food by concious pranic living
to grow the ability to sustain extended WATER FASTS (not only for weightloss and health But for spiritual and emotional healing too)
to LOVE myself by practicing positive thinking
TO MOTIVATE OTHERS into their own Personal-Development!!!
to Reverse my 2014 Diabetes Diagnostic thru healthy eating, low carb and water fasting
to teach others about the BENEFITS of water fasting and any other kind of Fasting used for healthiness, emotional healing, physical restoration at cellular level, mental growth and spiritual freedom

*METHOD to lose weight in 2019*
Water Fasting (prolonged and extended) meaning longer than 24 hours
OMAD (one meal a day) 23 hours of fasting / 1 hour eating
20/4 protocol (known as warrior diet) 20 hours of fasting / 4 hours of eating
16/8 protocol (most common induced fasting) 16 hours of fasting / 8 hour window to eat
EXERCISE!!! any kind lol just start somewhere

Check out her channel she is Awesome!
Mieka Fasting Weight Loss channel 🤗


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