My Waist Is Just 15 Inches But I Was Very Fat Previously

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Isabella’s done the impossible to reduce her waist circumference to 15 inches.

Weirdly enough, all women in Isabella’s family are plump or chubby or straight-up huge. Her Grandma is 310 pounds – a truly remarkable woman! Her Mom’s only 250 pounds so far. Her aunt is approaching 300 as well. When Isabella was a kid, her cheeks were almost resting upon her shoulders. As early as first grade, she decided to get into shape. She quit eating baked goods, even though her Granny was amazing at baking. She’d serve a gigantic bowl of fragrant buns and pastries with a gallon of milk. Yummy! But after Isabella pulled herself together, the sight of those gargantuan meals left her unaffected. Her family also had a tradition of two-hour naps after dinner, and this couch-potato lifestyle only served to make them even fatter. She decided she’d be the one to turn the tide. By grade six, Isabella had lost several dozen pounds. Her body shape resembled a guitar rather than an hourglass at the time, but still, she had a visible waistline and that was something to be proud of.

As Isabella grew older and taller, her measurements were approaching the gold standard of 36′ 24′ 36′. Both men and women couldn’t take their eyes off her. Someone told Isabella she deserved a place on Guinness World Records for the thinnest waist ever. She had never even thought it was a cause for fame! She went online to see what women with the smallest waistlines looked like. Immediately she wanted to look like that too, but their measurements were far out of her reach.

So Isabella purchased a corset and put it on. She could barely breathe on the first day, everything ached, her internal organs felt bunched up together, and there was a weird stinging sensation in her right side. She was tempted to stop but she made herself endure it and after a week, she stopped even noticing the pressure.

Isabella has worn her corset 23 hours a day ever since. She only takes it off for her daily shower. Her Mom and Grandma said it was going to damage her health. When they first saw Isabella without her corset, they gasped. Her waist circumference was 21 inch at the moment. The corset became her second skin as much as her favorite garment. When she showed up for her prom night, hourglass-shaped, she won everyone over. The boys queued up to have a slow dance with her.

Isabella met her future husband when she was in her freshman year at college, and it was her waist that attracted him. He once joked that if she gained half an inch on her waist, he’d leave her for another woman. “I wonder where you’d find another woman like me in our town”, Isabella thought. However, his words really stuck in her head. Soon, her morning routine began with measuring her waist just because her husband asked her to take her corset off for the night. He found the hooks and buttons annoying and the dense, tight-fitting fabric cold to the touch.

Then, Isabella learned that removing the twelfth ribs apparently did wonders for your waistline. Next week, she had an appointment with the plastic wizard. It cost her all her savings, but her waist reached the coveted benchmark of 15 inches and the curve of her hips looked more pronounced. It freaked her out a little. Her entire body shape looked unnatural. Her internal organs had sunk towards her hips and her ribcage was deformed by the constant pressure. She looked like Thumbelina next to her obese relatives.

Whenever Isabella’s friends come to visit, they go out of their way to grab her waist and see if they can close their fingers around it. She has to alter most of the new clothes she buys or they fall off her waist. Once, she was caught in a heavy rain on her way to her friends’ country house. They had to search all over the place for some clothes that fit Isabella, until they found a pair of pants that looked really eccentric, held by a makeshift belt. On the train, someone decided it would be fun to pull the crude belt just a little. Well, mischief managed: Isabella’s pants fell off in a flash. Before she knew it, she was standing on the train in just her swimming suit and the crowd was gawking at her wasp waist. A stranger scooped her up and carried her out of the train bridal-style. He said he got worried her waist would break if she walked by herself!

Isabella is 25 years old now and she’s doesn’t really want to beat the world record anymore. She and her husband want a baby. Hopefully, her modifications won’t get in the way of her new goal.




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